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Wedding Reception S-O-U-N-D & Music

You have OPTIONS! You need entertainment for your wedding reception – Band or Professional Raleigh DJ? The band has 200 songs in their repertoire, the DJ has 25,000+. Whichever you choose I know that people are becoming more and more passionate about their music. You have OPTIONS! Put some thought into your music format. Only YOU have that “perfect snapshot” of your evening which includes some specific songs, music genre’s etc. You don’t have to pre-program and account for every minute of the party, but your entertainment team, band or Raleigh DJ, will want to know what you do and DO NOT want to hear. If you have a band entertaining your guests make sure you address their downtime and how music will still be played and who’ll be announcing the special events. Most importantly, choose a professional band or DJ that you trust to take your playlist and work it into the party, mixing in other songs that may help “weave the evening together”. -=VOLUME=- Disc Jockeys and bands love loud music, maybe you do as well, but it’s not a good idea to shake the glasses off the tables at your wedding. If you have a trustworthy, professional entertainment team then they’ll know when to boost the volume and when to keep it down as background music. The evening volume and energy level should resemble a “musical crescendo”. The party starts soft with background music and a few announcements, spiking a bit for the introductions and special dances, then backing back down for dinner. Towards the end of dinner the music can be elevating in volume and genre (from Sinatra-esque jazz vocals to some fun Motown as an example) – the energy and volume at this point are going up through the end of the night, peaking during the later hours for the dance portion. Even during the dance portion, while the party is rockin’ the volume should never be at a painful level prohibiting conversation unless you’re sitting or standing directly in front of the speakers (which can sometimes happen with larger parties in smaller rooms). Remember – even if you LOVE loud music, there will be others in the room that do NOT love it! Try to keep everyone in mind when you’re attempting to manage the volume – and again – most importantly – if you have a professional experienced entertainment team they’ll know what to do and how loud to do it. ^&%*ing AWESOME!! Your wedding reception is no time or place for explicit

language. Regardless of whether delivered in a

speech by the drunk best man or in the music. The older and more conservative guests will be offended by foul language. Make sure your professional entertainment team has all radio edited music and if you have a band remind them to keep things “PG-13”.

Heavy Metal Baby!!! I love hard rock, metal and classic rock, but there’s an appropriate time and place for that music. If you MUST fit it into the evening, don’t have it played during dinner…and don’t stop the dancing just to appease your need to hear Motorhead or Iron Maiden. I promise you, 90% of your guests will not appreciate it. Play that music at a planned time, maybe you and your buddies have a mosh pit routine you want to do and the guests will find it entertaining and might even want to get involved. It might be fun to see grandma in a pit! If, however, you have a heavier more edgy wedding and reception planned, by all means, rock on and have a blast! Switch it up!! If you love 80′s, new wave, or you are a hip-hop or country fan, that’s great…just don’t play that type of music all night long! Mix it up, that’s what professional DJ’s do really well. A professional Raleigh DJ is able to recognize the various types of people at every event and can effectively communicate and connect with audiences of all ages. They are familiar with every type of music genre and can deliver the appropriate level of entertainment throughout the evening....every time! The Disc Jockeys at NinetyNine Entertainment carry an extensive collection of music from big band, oldies, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and all the way up to the newest and hottest top 40 and hip-hop hits. We have something to please everyone and we know when to play it! We hope you find this informative. Keep on dancing! Jim Unger Professional Raleigh DJ & Owner Ninety Nine Entertainment

Member - Triangle DJ Association

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